Free Daily Flow Focus SuppleMints

Free Daily Flow Focus SuppleMints

Cruise into flow state and sharpen up your brain with a dose of minty freshness. Pop me on your delightful tongue for a peppermint-infused "ahh", with a zap of focus to get you into the zone. Your daily dose of mushrooms for $.75.

the journey on your tastebuds

fresh, snow, peppermint

melts down into a herbaceous sweet tea

the journey on your tastebuds

Wanting to drop into flow and focus?

I can see clearly now, the brain fog is gone. Each one of these lil mints is a powerhouse packed with Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Bacopa to fine tune your brain into a focused locomotive. Jump into our rabbit hole, I’ll put you in the zone.

Made with Organic Ingredients

Meet the stars of the show, the fun(gi) stuff that makes us magic. Don’t worry, I won’t get you high on anything but life.

Lion’s Mane

  • traditionally used to support digestion
  • promotes mental functioning and cognition
  • nourishes healthy immune and cerebral systems


Supermush Key Ingredient - Rhodiola


Supermush Key Ingredient - Bacopa

Bacopa Monnieri

How to use

Supermush retro tv

Dissolve 1-2 mints in your mouth when you need a boost of focus.

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How will this affect my flow state?

Adding adaptogens to your daily routine can have positive effects on mental wellness including focus and connection. You'll feel the good vibrations of SuperMush the more you use it.

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