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Fastest Absorption

Feel my magic within 5-10 minutes

Fruiting Body Mushrooms

High quality organic potent extracts


Less than a single stick of gum


You won't be high on anything but life

Delicious, with no harmful ingredients

I’ve condensed 20g of functional mushrooms and superfoods into an on-the-go
mint and daily mouth spray.

Meet the stars of the show, the fun(gi) that makes us magic.

Energy Mouthspray - Cordyceps Key Ingredient


  • supports natural energy levels and endurance
  • supports oxygen intake + lung capacity
  • helps to manage occasional stress + fatigue

Lion's Mane


Supermush Ingredient: Chaga


If you want those good vibrations…

Medicinal mushrooms are a vital part of our overall immune system, healthy gut flora, and enhance your well-being with everything from focus to energy to sleep.


Low Calorie

Low Calorie

Low Sugar

Low Sugar



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"As an ER nurse, sometimes you just need a quick reset to calm your nervous system when you don’t have time to do it yourself while working. This stuff has been a blessing to keep in my pocket while working through these taxing times."

Jennifer B.

"The cordyceps in the mints give me multiple winds of energy the taste is wonderful the maca gives me vitality the bacopa springs me into action and reishi of course gives me a calm feeling while in total inspiration mode! I love these mints definitely need to get my hands on much more. LOVE LOVE LOVE"

Joseph P.

"I use the Daily Energy Mouth Spray first thing in the morning before I have coffee. It gives me incredible energy for everything I do during the day. My workout is easier and it also helps my mood and frame of mind. It's the best! Thanks so much for inventing it!"

Victoria W.

I eat these every day and do my best to make them last a month (they're all so yummy)... I love how they offer subscriptions so I always get my next order as I'm running out. At first I wasn't sure how these gummies would work but wow do I notice a difference.


I enjoy all three of the mouth sprays! I use them daily, like routine. I even share them with my friends! Also the customer service is outstanding! Do your tongue and brain a flavor and try it out yourself."

Demetre F.

These energy gummies truly save the save for me! I’ve been taking them for about two weeks and it honestly makes me feel so energized but without the morning coffee jitters. This has allowed me to ween off my coffee ritual in the morning! I love it!


"After I have coffee in the morning I pop a Focus Mint and besides tasting good it gives me small kick (from the Rhodiola I'm sure) and makes me feel good all day!"

Victoria W.

"I really like the immunity mouth spray! I was getting over Covid and thought this might help. I’m optimistic that this product is going to help us heal!"

Sarah L.

I love these gummies so much... I eat them every day and am always sharing them with my friends and family. A fun conversation starter but they also have such amazing benefits. I definitely have felt a positive difference since taking them every day <3


"I was skeptical that I would ever be able to kick my coffee habit but this spray gives me the perfect amount of juice I need to keep going throughout my day! I'm down to one cup of caffeine a day and sometimes I'd rather just have a spritz than make my brew ⚡️"

Emily O.

"Daily chill has been the ONLY thing that has been able to help ease me to sleep besides actual sleep medication, which I do not want to take. Within 15 mins I’m fighting back the urge to close my eyes! This I will keep on my nightstand forever!"

Kristi P.

"I really enjoy all three of the outcomes of using the sprays. The immunity is the only one I use daily at this point. I use the energy and chill as needed."

Cole D.

They work so amazingly! I've actually been taking 4 *gasp*😳 Usually when I wake up in the middle of the night, my mind runs & it's hard to fall back asleep... Not anymore 🙌 The flavor is mind-blowing and delicious ! I actually look forward to going to bed because of these gummies! Yum ❣️


"I love these products! They help me manage my stress and anxiety when I need it most! They all work amazingly well and to me... They're worth every penny! You've got to try them, you won't be disappointed 😉"

Julie C.

SuperHuman. SuperYou. SuperMush.

If you're like us, you need flow, creativity, energy, immunity, and chill daily. SuperMush Daily SuppleMints and Mouth Sprays can be used in combination with each other throughout the day, or individually by need. Formulated with organic and sustainably-sourced superfood mushrooms.

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