Our SuperMush Story

We Believe That 🍄 Can Save the 🌏

But first – they're in need of a serious rebrand.

SuperMush is inspired by the colorful spirit and iconic music that fueled the 1960's and 70's, and galvanized by the world's urgent need for health and vitality.

Humans Evolved Eating 🍄

Cavemen didn't take supplements, but they did consume mushrooms. Our hormones, our nervous system, and our immune system relied on the health benefits of fungi for 20,000 years during some of the most vital periods of our development.

Then somewhere along the line we took them out of our diet.

A Festival in Your Mouth 🌈🍾

Fast forward to today, our lives don't look like cavemen and we certainly don't have time to forage all day for the essential nutrients that mushrooms provide. We've brought you their magic with high potency mushroom extracts - so you can take those good vibrations anywhere your heart desires.

Mush More Than Meets The 👁

Mushrooms have helped us understand that everything on earth is connected within a single living system. Fungi have been our greatest teachers in realizing we do not have a relationship *with* nature, we are a part of it.

We believe that together as a community we can overcome our planet's most challenging problems. But first, we must heal ourselves. By opening our minds and healing our bodies through fungi, we are wildly optimistic about the future.

Alli Schaper - @allischaper

Brian Friedman - @floweveryday

Mental Wellness is The 🔒

And we believe mushrooms are the 🔑.

Our world is facing a global mental health pandemic (over 1/8th of the entire population). We believe fungi of all types have power to help. Psychedelic and functional mushrooms are from the *same kingdom,* and both deserve a seat at the table in the wellness conversation.

We believe in the power of community and actively support our allies working towards the legalization of psilocybin and other psychedelics for responsible therapeutic use and personal flourishing. Learn more here.

Don't be a stranger

Reach us at alli@supermush.com & brian@supermush.com

Mush love,

Alli Schaper
Co-Founder + CEO @allischaper

Brian Friedman
Co-Founder + COO + CPO @brianmfriedman

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