What’s cookin’ good lookin?

SuperMush created Daily Mouth Sprays for energy, immunity, and chill that you'll actually want to spray in your mouth. The best part? They work immediately and are fully organic (and legal). 

Handcrafted in the USA
TSA Friendly
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Spray Your Superfoods 💥

If you're like us, we need energy, immunity, and chill everyday. SuperMush Daily Mouth Sprays can be used in combination with each other throughout the day, or individually by need. Formulated with organic and sustainably-sourced superfood mushrooms. 🍄

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daily energy ⚡

An on-the-go coffee replacement

You CAN maintain energy all day, in a healthy way. Try our functional mushroom 🍄 mouth spray to keep your energy up without the jitters and crash of coffee. 4 sprays = the same energy as 1/2 cup coffee. Bonus, it tastes like a tangerine crush. Yum!

daily immunity 🍊

Sugar-free vitamin replacement

Feeling run down? We have a mushroom 🍄 for that. Daily immunity mouth spray uses reishi mushrooms that work like the oranges of the fungi kingdom. The best part? It tastes like Cinnamon Toast. Shine on!

daily chill 💤

A tasty wellness-boosting ritual

Need a healthy and legal way to wind down at night? Go natural with functional mushrooms 🍄 and adaptogens from SuperMush. Daily chill mouth spray was formulated to help you relax, and tastes like Hibiscus Dream. Use 4 sprays as needed throughout the day for relaxation without drowsiness. 

New to mushroom supplements?

It's easy to keep your energy, immunity, and chill in balance every day. Here's how we use it:

  • Morning: 4 sprays of energy to start the day

  • Lunch: 4 sprays of immunity to boost long-term health

  • Around 3pm: 4 more sprays of energy to power through the end of the work day

  • After dinner: 4 sprays of chill to wind down for the evening

The different mushrooms in each product work harmoniously with each other, so spray away.

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