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SuperMush Rewards

If you're like us, we need Energy, Immunity, Chill, Flow, Creativity, Good Sleep, and Great Sex on the daily. SuperMush Gummies, Sprays, and Mints, can be used in combination with each other throughout the day, or individually by need. Formulated with organic and sustainably-sourced superfood mushrooms. 🍄

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Win a Daily Gummies Bundle.

Every time you place an order you'll earn one stamp.

Earn five stamps and you'll be able to redeem a Daily Gummies Bundle.

How Do I Win Rewards?

STEP 1 Place an order to unlock your SuperMush Stamp Card.
STEP 2 Place four more orders to complete your SuperMush Stamp Card.
STEP 3 You'll receive a unique code to redeem your reward.

Put your Stamps on Cruise Control

Subscribe to your SuperMush orders and get one stamp AND 20% off every auto-order.

To get the most out of your 🍄 s, take them them daily. You’ll feel them immediately and they also build in your system over time to boost immunity.

Here's How to Subscribe

Subscribe to any product you'd like
Select frequency of shipment
Purchase first Order and 20% off will be auto applied at checkout.
Cancel at any time. Easy peasy ✌️


How do I redeem my reward?

Copy/paste the code generated and shared with you into the box at checkout.

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