We believe that 🍄 can change the 🌎. Mental wellness is the largest epidemic affecting the planet, with 1/8 of people suffering from a clinical indication. We believe that mushrooms of all types have the power to help. 

SuperMushies are mental health advocates and thought leaders that embody the spirit of mushroom culture.

SuperMushie NFT’s are designed to raise awareness for mental health and to promote education in and around the powerful world of mushrooms. We scoured our mycelium network and hand picked the most inspiring psychonauts, culture shifters, healers, humanitarians, and creators of our time. And then we turned them into a mushroom. 

Each SuperMushie NFT was crafted pulling unique aesthetic and design expressions from the top 50 humans at the intersection of mental health, music, and culture. If you’re one of our SuperMushie muses, deepest gratitude for shining your light and making some serious magic in the arenas of psychedelic medicine, art, and wellness.

Featured SuperMushies

Miley Cyrus


Billie Eilish

Justin Beiber

Willow Smith

Kid Cudi

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Why invest in a SuperMushie NFT? In addition to their covetable 60s and 70s design, owning one will also unlock a lot of cool and exclusive benefits, and a key to our mushroom community. 

Owner Benefits

Access to SuperMushie NFT Chats

Our gated Discord will give you access to live AMAs, community chatrooms and special releases

Access to SuperMush Limited Edition Merch Drops and Early Product Drops

Before our SuperMush Merch and Product Drops are released you’ll be able to make your purchase before anyone else

Access to SuperMush


In-Person Events

You’ll be invited to events ranging from Rainbow Bike Rides to DJ Beach Raves

Access to Multiverse Marketplace Lifetime


As a VIP you’ll unlock 20% off to over 500+ mushroom products, including beverages, supplements, beauty, jewelry and more

Access to Functional / Psychedelic Mushroom

Policy Voting

You’ll be able to join the Microdosing Collective 501C3 to help legalize recreational microdosing of psilocybin



We believe that mushrooms can save the world. SuperMush is inspired by the colorful spirit and iconic music that fueled the 1960's and 70's, and galvanized by the world’s urgent need for health and vitality.


Mushrooms have helped us understand that everything on earth is connected within a single living system. Fungi have been our greatest teachers in realizing we do not have a relationship with nature, we are a part of it.


We believe that together as a community we can overcome our planet’s most challenging problems. But first, we must heal ourselves. By opening our minds and healing our bodies through fungi, we are wildly optimistic about the future.


Mental wellness is the lock and we believe mushrooms are the key. Our world is facing a global mental health pandemic (over 1/8th of the entire population). We believe fungi of all types have power to help. Psychedelic and functional mushrooms are from the same kingdom, and both deserve a seat at the table in the wellness conversation.

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